Welcome to this website dedicated to my volkswagen type 82.

I bought this vehicle a few years ago in 2005. This idea to restore a car came when I was working on RC models, particularly amphibious ones in which the Schwimmwagen had a special place.

I did not know a lot on this car, it was firstly the property of somebody who lived in the north of France and then stored at least for 20 years in the center of France, near Poitiers. The car had been restored as a day to day vehicle, probably after war during the sixties. Some original parts were missing, like the original engine, gearbox… those parts were replaced by cox ones.

This car had probably an accident during war as the front plate under the spare wheel had been replaced and the front bumper too as the 2 front hooks were not aligned with the rails. The frame was hard solded to the body and some sheets of metal were sold on the sills.

Asking to Volkswagen some information on this vehicle, I did not learn a lot… the car was built on January 1944 the 28th and left factory on January the 30th. The engine number was 2-47 955. Its destination was Heereszeugamt Kassel, Germany where lots of vehicles were delivered. No information on the colour, equipment etc…
Looking at the rear there were some figures of the registration number under the paint of the engine door: “WH 157″. After some search, it appears that the exact number is WH1572382. This car was in the PzNachrAbt.13 and was delivered to the troops in Krivoï Rog (USSR) at the end of january 44.

In parallel, I had the chance to buy another kubelwagen frame, number 2-032 364 (dated end of year 1943). This frame was from the same period as my car. There was the front axle, frame, gearbox, reducers and drums. All those parts were original ones and had never been restored before. This allows me to start the restoration with good elements.

You will see on this website pictures and comments of this vehicle. You will probably wonder why restoration duration was more than 10 years… Explanations are simple: the body builder who was working on the frame was taking his time to restore it, I had some difficulties to find people able and motivated to work on the car and finally I spent hours on the net to find original missing parts… Today the car is really close from what it was at the end of the factory in 1944… 99% or mechanical parts are original and marked KDF. Only the engine is after war.

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